Greene Homestead

Green Homestead commemoration and historical skirmish.

Veteran's Day Parade

Wakefield, Rhode Island celebrates each year with a battery firing.

Fort Adams

This beautiful fort has hosted the battery in many encampments.

Columbus Day Parade

The Columbus Day Parade in Westerly is a tradition each year.

Chase Farm

This great event in Lincoln, RI is a favorite of the battery's.

Cedar Creek

Each year the battery revisits it's last battle of the Civil War.


With a motley crew like this what could possibly go wrong?

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Usually cold and wet, the battery always shows up with bells on.

Sprague Mansion

A well-trained battery stands at attention ready for orders.

Yacht Club Firing

A sunny day on the water outside of Newport is perfect.

Battle of Bull Run

With the Bellevue Mansion in the distance our gun stands ready.

Gaspee Day Parade

The unit stands ready to make ready at this parade.